Cocktails with Bedtime Bourbon

Bedtime Bourbon is not only delicious straight and on the rocks, its flavors also open up wide when mixed into a cocktail.

Here are three great recipes for bourbon cocktails that we’ve devised to showcase the taste and aroma of Bedtime Bourbon.

Bedtime Story cocktail with Bedtime Bourbon

The Bedtime Story

Curl up with a good book and tell everyone you’re in for the evening. The relaxing aromas of Bedtime and chamomile soothe your senses in our signature cocktail.

Bedtime Bourbon Midlife Fashioned cocktail recipe is an updated Old Fashioned

The Midlife Fashioned

A quick and easy Old Fashioned with more rock and less talk. The flavors of Bedtime are on full display. The Midlife Fashioned is as delicious in a wide glass as it is in that cup you got free at work.

The All Nighter

A delicious Bedtime Bourbon cocktail with the sweet caffeine kick of cold brewed coffee, so the night can keep on going.