Hello Lexington!

Location: Liquor Barn

Bedtime Bourbon is now available at two Lexington locations thanks to our friends at Liquor Barn and they have a Price Match Guarantee. Nice!

Grab a bottle of Bedtime at Beaumont Centre Parkway or Plaudit Place off Man O’ War at I-75. A full list of our beloved retailers can be found right here.

To honor the occasion, here is a special Lexington-themed joke: Man O’ War walks into a bar and orders a Bedtime Bourbon. The bartender says, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve spirits.”

No dead horses were flogged in the making of this joke.

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Join us for drinks at the Village Anchor

Location: The Village Anchor

Join us for drinks at Bedtime’s launch party at Village Anchor!

Enjoy signature Bedtime cocktails, meet the founders and get your picture taken with the crescent moon from our bottle.

Presented by our friends at Westport Whiskey & Wine, where they have first-batch bottles of Bedtime in stock, our exclusive distributor Dauntless Distributing, and the Village Anchor, home of Louisville’s best Old Fashioned.

Village Anchor just won an award for Louisville’s Best Old Fashioned, so the cocktails are gonna be gooood!

More details at tiny.cc/village

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Launch event at Village Anchor

Location: The Village Anchor

Celebrate the launch of Bedtime Bourbon at one of Louisville’s greatest gems, the Village Anchor! Enjoy delicious Bedtime cocktails and get your picture taken with the moon from the Bedtime bottle.

Friday January 26th from 5:00 to 7:00. Go to tiny.cc/village for more info.

Presented by your friends at Westport Whiskey & Wine, Dauntless Distributing and the Village Anchor. See you there!

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Happy New Year

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you to everyone who helped us launch our first product this year and everyone who has enjoyed Bedtime Bourbon so far!

It’s a dream come true to have our own bourbon brand. We are so proud of Bedtime Bourbon and we’re honored by the warm feedback and great reviews we’ve received.

Be safe tonight! There’s lots of bourbon yet to be had.

Happy new year from Carla, Joel and Scott

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Winter hats and more

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

In Louisville, we grew up calling these hats toboggans, although we understand that in other places a toboggan is a sled. We’re not here for that discussion, we just want you to keep your head warm, dear. You’ll freeze to death out there.
This, um, “item” is soft and embroidered with the Bedtime Bourbon logo. Nice.
“It” is available in four colors, but we recommend black because black goes with everything and it makes you look tough

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Great review from The Whiskey Reviewer

Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

“This is not just some drinkable whiskey from an upstart company, instead a very thoughtful flavor expression that very well may be sought after because of its uniqueness and rarity.” Thank you to @thewhiskeyreviewer for a wonderful review! 🥃

Bedtime Bourbon might not look rare in this photo, but the first batch is getting rarer every day. Go getcha some to share with your friends and family

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“A bourbon lover’s bourbon”

We’re pretty excited about a nice review we just got from Cocktail Enthusiast which calls Bedtime “a bourbon lover’s bourbon.” Thank you so much. As bourbon lovers, we fully agree.

Bedtime Bourbon review

“Bedtime Bourbon pours a mellow gold in the glass, and has aromas of oak, vanilla, green apple and light tobacco on the nose,” writes Eric Twardzik. “It’s light in body but immediately warm on the tongue.”

“The spirit is 90 proof and not afraid to show it, starting with strong, unabashed flavors of oak and vanilla, sweetened slightly with green apple. The flavor turns a little darker and sweeter with maple at the center, just as a wave of built-up spice washes over the tongue. That spice wave delivers a long, dry finish with a hint of tobacco.”

It makes us so happy when Bedtime Bourbon is truly enjoyed and we love reading about how people experience the flavors and aromas. “That spice wave” is a great way to put it.

See Mr. Twardzik’s entire review here.